April 2020- The Parish Sunday Services

are on line!

As lockdown continues and the Churches have to remain

closed to services a new way has been found to allow

those who would have liked to participate in a Church to

do so in their own homes instead. From Good Friday

onwards  on line services have been recorded and

and uploaded to this website and to the Parish Facebook

page. The first couple suffered hiccups with copyright

and other issues and were a technical challenge to say

the least but now the system works well and there are even words on screen so you can follow more easily. Its a huge amount of work but the numbers logging on do make it worthwhile. Please tell your friends as these services can be watched anywhere in the world and may help those whose own Parishes cannot yet match this effort. You can see the on line services here 

April 3rd 2020

A First for a Rural Parish ?

Two new people arrived at The Vicarage in Penallt this week

to serve local communities

- but, due to the Coronavirus lockdown,

their licensing was not exactly run of the mill!

To the rescue modern conference technology! 

They were licensed on line which we feel is probably a real first!

Here is a little more about them.

" Karen was born in Northern Ireland and moved to Scotland with her family when aged 16. She was brought up attending Church whenever the doors were open and became Youth President of the local church at the age of 21. Karen worked at the tax office then went on to train for the Ministry and completed 3-years in Theology in Manchester, which is also where she met her husband Tim.


Tim was born in Northumberland, he came to faith in a very different way. He had no contact with church as a child, but in his late teens began exploring faith. Tim read the Koran, the Bhagavad Gita and the Dao te Ching long before he ever read a Bible. Tim worked in industry systems but at weekends he would visit the Buddhist monastery in Carshiels, Hexham. Tim came to the Christian faith in his early 20's.


Tim and Karen served in London in a Church with a West Indian and African congregation, they have served in New Zealand among the Maori and Pakeha of that land and can lead services in Te Reo Maori, they have also served for a number of years in Guernsey. In Guernsey, Tim was the Rector the Ancient Parish of St Sampson whose Patron Saint was born in Wales, the side Chapel at the Parish Church was named after St Magloire also of Welsh descent . Karen served as interim Rector of Ste Marie du Castel and St Matthew's, Cobo. Tim and Karen along with other Rectors of the Ancient Parishes served in Guernsey’s Government; they were the first ever married couple to be both Rectors of Ancient Parishes and serving on Guernsey’s Government.


Karen will have the care of the Monmouth Rural Group, Tim will look after the Town  Group and together they will serve as Ministry Area Leaders for the whole Monmouth Deanery Ministry Area "


 They say

"We left New Zealand just as a lockdown was being gradually implemented and arrived at Heathrow as a lockdown was being speedily implemented which was quite surreal. We both sensed God's call to this place; Karen's father served in ministry in Wales for a number of years, Tim and Karen started courting in Llandudno and many of Tim's ancestors worked as free miners in and around the Forest of Dean. We are excited about these new roles, we believe we can use the gifts that God has given us to build the Church here in Wales. God has never failed to bring growth, both numerical and spiritual to the churches we have served in, our expectations are high, our God is the God of resurrection for whom nothing shall be impossible"


The recently completed 'chandelier heating/lighting together with the new lighting in the Chancel.

St Nicholas Church will be a warmer place next winter!

The new fencing and gates at the church entrance and

the two graves where the unsafe tombstones were removed

Solemn High Mass  was followed by Public Meeting

St Nicholas Church

15th October 2017

Following the Solemn High Mass a open meeting was held to enable the PCC to present the plans for the general re-ordering of St Nicholas Church. This includes a new heating system, kitchen, vestry and re-ordering of the area around the west door. The plans were widely accepted by those present. Timing of the work will be very much dependant on the availability of funds but it is envisaged that certain works can commence immediately the relevant permissions have been obtained

Annual Pet Service

St Nicholas Church

13th August 2017