Burial in the Parish of Trellech & Penallt


The Right to be buried in a Parish Church

According to the Law of the land and the Church ecclesiastical laws, there are rules and regulations about who has the right to be buried in a church Churchyard.  For full details please check with the Church in Wales web site for the constitution of the Church in Wales and follow the lead for burials, rights and regulations.

However, for a general rule the following information may be helpful.

A person may be buried in a Parish church yard if:

•At the time of death, they lived in the parish regardless of whether they attended the church for worship.

•If a person dies in the parish whether or not their home address home is in the parish.

•If through illness or disability a person who lived in the parish is now in hospital or residential care.

•If someone no longer lived in the parish but a family grave is to be reopened 

•If someone did not live in the parish but were on the church electoral role.

Where these criteria are not met, but it is pastorally recognised that there are strong links to the church or the community, cremated remains may be interred in the perpetual memorial garden in either church and although no headstones or tablets or memorials are permitted, their names may be entered in the parish memorial book.

2018 Funeral Fees for the Parish of Trellech and Penallt.

Service fees:

Service in church    £100.00

Officiant £ 83.00

Organist £ 80.00

Verger £20.00

Graveyard Burial fees:

Full Burial in churchyard  £463.00

Cremated remains £152.00   in memorial garden or existing grave.

Graveyard Memorial fees:

Plain wooded cross £23.00

Headstone £175.00

Cremated remains tablet £93.00

Additional Inscription £42.00

Search of Burial registers   £20 per hour or part thereof.