Baptism in the Parish of Trellech & Penallt

Information sheet

Godparents: must be Baptised into one of the mainstream churches that agree on the Trinitarian nature of One God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  It is desired that at least one Godparent is confirmed and is local enough to encourage church attendance and enable the candidate to be informed of the ways of the Christian faith in preparation for Confirmation. If you do not know a suitable person the Vicar can recommend a suitable member of the church to fulfil this role.  If you live away from this parish you may wish to discuss this with your local vicar.

The Baptism: In asking for Baptism, you are asking that the candidate will be made a member of God’s family in the church. In the service parents will promise to bring children to church regularly, so infants as well as adult candidates will be invited to attend church on a regular basis prior to the Baptism, and be encouraged to continue in attendance on a regular basis.

If you do not intend to try to keep these promises you may prefer a special service of thanksgiving for birth rather than Holy Baptism.  Please consider what you really want for your child or yourself and discuss this with the Vicar.

If parents decide on Baptism it may also be the time to consider your own relationship with Jesus and his Church. It will be difficult to keep your promises and bring your child into a living faith if you yourselves have neglected your own spiritual development. Believe it or not, you need the church as much as the church needs you!

Cameras and video:  Please tell your gusts that taking photographs during the service is not allowed.  This is because the service is to be taken seriously and flashes and clicks can distract you from the importance of what God is doing. However, photos can be taken around the font after the service.  A static cam-recorder may be used if there is no artificial lighting and full copyright certificate is produced to comply with the law.

Fees:  There are no fees incurred for a baptism within the usual church service.  God offers “free membership” to his church! However, the church does need your financial support and many families like to sign up to regular giving as a thanksgiving offering.  In the unlikely event of a service outside the regular advertised services, you will be asked to pay a fee for the service and organist etc.

Application for Baptism: An application form for Baptism can be down loaded from the parish website or received by e-mail from the Vicar.  When you submit the application form to the vicarage, a meeting will be arranged to discuss the service and other connecting matters. Until then you may like to know that  once your application form is submitted, you and your family will be remembered before God in the daily prayer cycle of the church.

Application Form