The vicar of the parish up to 31st October 2018 was the Rev. Sandra Howells who retired after serving the parish with great spirituality and grace for 18 years.


She was ordained a deacon at Newport Cathedral in 1992 by the Bishop of Monmouth, Rowan Williams (later Archbishop of Canterbury). He then ordained her as a priest at epiphany 1997, It was the first group of women to be ordained after the Governing Body voted in favour.


Sandra served as Deacon in the Caerwent group of parishes and then as priest. In 1998 she was appointed curate in Griffithstown and as Priest to this parish in 2000.



Rev. Howells with the late H.E. Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor

Whilst we await the outcome of the Bishop's audit (not expected until April 2019) we are without a full time parish priest. However, for the interim period we are delighted to welcome back the Rev. Nick Taylor and the Rev. Rose-Mary Dagger who will be here in the parish to serve us pastorally.


There is also a Parochial Church Council whose responsibility is to manage the parish and it's affairs as well as supporting the clergy.


Current members of the Church Council are:-


Dick Coates

Jennifer Holgate - Communications

Karen Lowe - Friends of Trellech

Tim McCord - Churchwarden



Contact details of both clergy and PCC are listed in the contacts page.


Of course, besides the clergy and the PCC there are a lot of other people who play important roles in the Parish and churches. These are:-


Licensed Ministers within the Parish


Lay Eucharistic Ministers


Anna Gilbey, Jean Rogers, and Sandra Harrhy are all licensed by the Bishop to take communion to the sick or housebound. This license also permits people to take a service in church with the reserved sacrament if a Priest is not available. Anna exercises this fuller ministry.


Chalice Bearers/servers


Anna Gilbey, Karen Lowe, Kay Bowen, all exercise a licensed ministry to serve the chalice (wine) at Communion and share the unlicensed ministry of serving at the altar. Sue Dean, Chris Mills and Tim McCord are training for both ministries.


Unlicensed ministries within the parish


Sacristan - A ministry of servanthood: responsible for laying up and clearing away the communion vessels. Frank Kemp is our head sacristan, ably assisted by Dick Coates and all the lay Eucharistic ministers and Chalice bearers on a Rota basis.


Church Linen: Care and maintenance of Altar cloths and Eucharistic linen: Servers and chalice bears usually step in to help here but we could do with one person in each church who takes on this important role. Anna Gilbey does this for St Nicholas Church


Sidespeople: A ministry of hospitality: the following people work on a Rota basis to arrive early to greet people, give out the service books, take the collection and clear away after the service. Anna Gilbey, Karen Lowe, Kay Bowen, Dick Coates, Frank Kemp, Wendy Boycott, Sue Dean, Sue Phillips, Ann Powis, Stevie Coutts.


Readers: A ministry of sharing the Word of God: the following people work on a Rota basis to ensure people hear the word of God in all our services. Ann Powis, Wendy Boycott, Anna Gilbey, Daphne Shannon, Stevie Coutts, George Lancaster, Jean Rogers, Christina McFarlane, Sandy and Wyn Richards, Dick Coates, Betty Richards, Sue Dean, Chris Mills and Tim McCord.


Organists/pianists: Offering talents and gifts to enable the people to sing God’s praises:

David Murray and Jill Westwood are our organists assisted by Jean Rogers. David and Jill also choose the hymns for most of the services and music before and after the service. Between the organists, all weddings, funerals and special services are covered.


Flower Arrangers and cleaners: Bringing beauty and a loving presence to the Church using artistic skills and willing work: Sarah Heaffner and Jean Rogers usually arrange rotes for flowers and cleaning. We are very grateful for the time and skill of all who assist them.


Verger: Dick Coates is verger in both churches covering weddings and funerals and keeping our notice boards updated.


These are examples of so much that is done on a voluntary basis in our churches for which we are most grateful. We apologise if we have missed anyone or anything out!! Everyone and everything are valued and all that is done is appreciated.



AND - Not forgetting of course - our congregations without which, there would be no churches in the Parish