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Parish organisation and arrangements


As we bid farewell to Sandra after 18 years of devoted service – the obvious question is what will happen to the parish and services in her absence?


This question can only be answered within the context of the Bishops audit of the diocese which is still in progress and has been consulting with both clergy and lay congregation in September and October. The audit has been driven by the need for consolidation in the face of shrinking congregations and resources. This audit is unlikely to be come to conclusion and be implemented before Easter 2019.


Thus any changes to parish structures and clergy will mean we are unlikely to have any permanent parish priest until after Easter in 2019.


In the meantime the PCC are delighted to welcome back Nick Taylor and Rose-Mary Dagger who provided clergy cover when Sandra was on sabbatical and have kindly agreed to support us until any permanent decisions are made.


Nick will mainly look after St Nicholas and will be the main contact for funerals.

Nick can be contacted on 01600 860662 (e-mail: revnjt@btinternet.com).


Rose-Mary will be mostly based at Old Church and be the contact for weddings.

Rose-Mary's number is 01594 530700 (e-mail: rm.a.dagger@icloud.com)


With the support of Nick and Rose-Mary – there will be some changes to service frequency and timings.

The key changes being:


•All regular services will be at 11am

•There will be a single Sunday service ever week – alternating between St Nicholas and Old Church


•The midweek service in Trellech will continue as normal.


•Special services – Christmas etc may have different venues and timings.


The role of the PCC and congregation within this period is critical in communication and support to both Nick and Rose Mary. Please let us know of any issues or ideas arising from this period of change.


The PCC is pleased to say that the refurbishment and repair agenda for the churches will continue.


Old Church – repointing to North Side buttresses and chancel roof repointing has been completed. The repair of cracking windows adjacent to altar – await church architect visit.


St Nicholas – new storage radiators are now switched on to start the long term drying out of the church along with chandelier heating and lighting.


DAC permission has now been given for the new chairs in the main body of the church (75) and the new chairs for the chancel (24). These have now been ordered and will all be in place within the next six weeks.


DAC application was submitted for the full redecoration of the chancel and whole church. Approval was issued on 1st November so now to get the work undertaken.





The Diocesan Prayer


God, and Father of all

You have planted the Good News

of your love in the faith communities

of our Diocese.


By your Spirit at work in us,

Grant us to grow strong in Christ so that our lives

of devotion and service may reveal to your world

the power of your love,

which is able to do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine;


Through Jesus Christ our Lord